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Daylight Africa Week 2023: Senegambia Tour is an exciting opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage, stunning landscapes, and vibrant communities of Senegal and The Gambia.

During this week-long tour, you will embark on a journey of discovery, exploring bustling markets, historic landmarks, and beautiful natural sites. You will visit the bustling city of Dakar, the cultural center of Senegal, and explore its vibrant neighborhoods, including the colorful markets of Sandaga and Kermel.

You will also venture to the tranquil town of Saint-Louis, a UNESCO World Heritage site, where you will discover its colonial architecture, narrow streets, and vibrant music scene. Additionally, you will visit the stunning pink lake, Lac Retba, where you can relax on its shores and marvel at its unique color.

In The Gambia, you will visit the historic city of Banjul, the capital of The Gambia, where you will learn about its fascinating history and culture. You will also have the opportunity to explore the stunning Abuko Nature Reserve, home to a variety of wildlife, including monkeys, crocodiles, and birds.

Throughout your journey, you will be accompanied by knowledgeable and friendly guides who will share their expertise and insights into the local culture, history, and traditions. You will stay in comfortable accommodations and enjoy delicious meals featuring the vibrant flavors and spices of West African cuisine.

Join us for Daylight Africa Week 2023: Senegambia Tour and discover the magic of Senegal and The Gambia.




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